3 Tarot Spreads for Assessing in with Your Relationships

If you’re trying to find a relationship tarot spread, you’ve come to the right installment of Fool’s Journey! Today I’ll be discussing a few relationship tarot spreads with you, which you may use to check at what is happening with your relationships. Primarily with your one-to-one relationships, minute a disperse for polyamorous folks, and lastly a tiny spread that is just for loving your superb self.

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New to tarot? Ordinarily, you’ll replicate your cardsthen lay out a single card at a time in line with this spread. Each card is then translated according to its own position.

Me, you and Us: a relationship tarot spread

This spread may be used to analyze the relationship between any 2 people — for example, you could use it with a friend or a colleague or of course having a spouse.

The first column of cards represents you (or person 1, if you’re reading for other people). The second column is the other individual (person 2). The next column runs down the centre of the spread, also signifies the relationship itself.

Person 1

  1. How they view themselves
  2. How they see person 2
  3. How they view the connection

Individual 2

  1. How they see themselves
  2. How they see person 1
  3. How they see the connection


  1. A key strength in this relationship
  2. A poorer point in this relationship
  3. Where the connection appears to be going
  4. Advice: Imagine the connection needs

PS If you’re short on time or just want something easier, you’ll find a mini version of the distribute here!

There are two distinct versions of this spread. Sometimes you want to check out the entire shebang, and draw cards to the other people involved (version 2), additional times you want to focus on your own requirements, without the diversion of other individuals’ energy (variant 1).

In any event, this spread has a one-person attention at its heart. What I like about this spread, and I frequently use it with poly querents, is that its focus is so strongly on what the individual is experiencing.

The card layout remains the same whichever variant you choose:

Version 1

The focus is totally on you as a person here, considering where you’re in and what you attract to/need in the relationship.

  1. Who you are in this relationship — two cards, one crossed by the other. The first is that you, right at the centre. The second is your’challenge’ at the time, or something you’re carrying.
  2. A possible issue, and a possible alternative. A potential problem, and a possible alternative.
  3. A potential issue, and a possible solution.
  4. A potential issue, and a possible solution.
  5. Your secure location — when you’re giving and receiving so much love and energy, it’s important to have a place where you could escape. This card offers an idea of a place that is just yours, something that you don’t have to share in case you don’t want to.

Version Two

The focus remains mostly on you, but there is space to bring in other partners along with a card to your connection as a whole entity.

  1. Who you are in this relationship — two cards, one crossed by the other. The first is that you, at the centre. The second is your’challenge’ at this time, or something you’re carrying.
  2. Energy brought by others to your relationship/s. Lay as many cards as you’ve got partners. Every one of those cards represents one of your spouses, how they’re affecting you or what they’re bringing to the connection.
  3. A potential problem, and a possible solution.
  4. A possible problem, and a possible alternative. The basis of the whole matter — why you are doing so, a secure location which all people is able to come back to when things get rocky, or even something it’s possible to celebrate together if things are good.

The’why I am completely awesome’ tarot spread

No partner? Just need some self-love? This relationship tarot spread is simply for you.

Consider applying this as a’flash-card’ disperse — so instant, one-line responses only. Try not to go too heavy, simply say or jot down the first thing that comes to you (for an example, check out my private reading utilizing this spread.)

  1. What’s totally awesome about me is…
  2. My favourite thing about myself is…
  3. I’m brilliant because…

And if that has not sorted you out, go ahead and pull you more card:

  1. One reason it doesn’t matter when I have one fan, three partners or no sweetie whatsoever is…

Do you have a favorite’relationships’ tarot spread? Tried out some of those spreads above? Or got any tips for doing tarot in couples or groups? Let us know in the comments!

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